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aquamax hot water system installation

If you realize your dream of building a home in Sydney, chances are you’re going to want hot water, which means you’ll have to install a hot water system at some point. An AquaMax hot water system installation is a great idea if you want a reliable unit delivered straight to your door.

Installing a new AquaMax hot water system can be a challenging task, especially if you aren’t a plumber. You may even have questions about which water system you should install. For instance, what tank capacity do you need to meet your household’s needs? Which brand is the best concerning longevity and energy efficiency? Which fuel type is best?

Well, most of those questions we’d need to come and do an estimate to give a precise answer, but we can tell you that AquaMax is an excellent brand choice. Our team at Hot Water Systems Sydney can provide you with a high-end AquaMax water heater as well as a complete installation service.

Want to know more about Aquamax hot water systems and our installation and tank replacement solutions? Read on.

AquaMax Hot Water Unit Installation

AquaMax is a reputable Australian brand that offers a wide range of electric and gas water heaters. As far as innovation, cost efficiency, and durability are concerned, you can’t get better than AquaMax. These units are also incredibly energy efficient and able to withstand our harsh Australian climate.

Which AquaMax Hot Water Unit is Right for You?

Before going ahead with the AquaMax hot water installation, you have to choose a unit and tank size that will meet your household’s hot water demands. You have to consider a number of factors, including the size and layout of your property, peak hot water usage times, and how many people use hot water in a day. We’d love to take down your info and help you chose the best unit for your family’s needs.

In addition to tank size, there are two types of AquaMax hot water systems available: gas and electric.

Electric hot water systems tend to have a lower initial cost than gas systems. Over time, however, they may be costlier and less energy efficient than gas water heaters.

Hot Water Systems Sydney Installation Services

After choosing a unit, you have to take steps to ensure the correct installation of the hot water system. Incorrect installation can result in leakage, energy inefficiency, and possible future defects. By choosing Hot Water Systems Sydney, you avoid all the above—guaranteed.

Contact us today to receive a no-obligation quote and same day service. As part of our installation services, we also offer tank replacements in Sydney.

AquaMax Hot Water Tank Replacement​

If you already have a hot water system, and you notice a leak or other severe problems, it may be time for a complete tank replacement.

We offer quality AquaMax replacement services at affordable prices. If you live in the Sydney area, don’t settle for expensive or improper replacement of your hot water system.

We make use of high-end equipment and the latest technology to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your AquaMax hot water system whether you installation is new or exisiting. Contact us today.

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