AQUAMAX 991250G8 250LITRE 4.8KW

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Product Description

Award winning AquaMAX 991250G8 efficiency Electric Water Heaters keep your team in steaming hot water. AquaMAX energy efficient Mains Pressure Water Heaters are built using the latest technology and backed by a 10 year cylinder warranty . They are available in sizes to suit most applications. AquaMAX Electric Water Heaters are made for Aussie conditions, to suit a variety of family sizes. FAMILIES BIG AND SMALL

AquaMAX Electric Mains Pressure Water Heaters provide families big and small with reliable hot water. AquaMAX inhouse factory testing ensures every new system we build meets our exacting standards whether it’s installed indoors or outdoors. You can also take advantage of off-peak tariffs for added savings on your energy bills.

Product Details

Size by Litres: 250 Litre