Continuous Flow Hot Water System Installation


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continuous flow hot water installation

A continuous flow hot water system installation, also known as an instant hot water system, heats water on demand with a heating element called a heat exchanger. They are more energy efficient because they don’t require consistent energy use to maintain the temperature of a holding tank.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with continuous flow hot water installation, you may have difficulty choosing a suitable unit for your household’s specific needs. You may also find the prospect of safely installing a hot water system to be challenging.

If you live in Sydney, Hot Water Systems Sydney can help. Our highly skilled and experienced team specialises in continuous flow hot water system supply and installation services all throughout the area.

Below we’d like to share a little more about continuous flow systems, their benefits, and installation requirements.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Installation

As a property owner, your first step is to determine if installing a hot water system is a suitable solution to meet the water demands of your household. There are several benefits to installing a continuous flow unit including:

– An unlimited supply of hot water
– High energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions
– A long lifespan of around 20 years
– Low risk of bacterial growth
– A compact and visually appealing design

The drawbacks of continuous flow hot water systems mostly pertain to the purchasing and installation costs, which are significantly higher than conventional tank-style systems.

Since a continuous flow unit is more energy efficient, however, it may be a more affordable option over the long-run.

Should you chose to go with a continuous system install, your next step is to determine the size, meaning the flow rate, that you need. Usually, we recommend a 24 litre per minute unit for houses with two bathrooms, but we can help you select the most suitable flow rate based on all available factors.

After choosing the correct model for your needs, we can also provide prompt and proper installation of your new unit. Proper installation ensures optimal energy efficiency, the longest possible life expectancy for the unit, and minimal running costs.

During the installation process, we take all safety codes and requirements into account allowing you and your family to use the unit without fear or risk of hazards. Upon completion of the installation project, we will also advise you on all aspects relating to energy efficiency, maintenance, and general use—we won’t just install it and walk away, we’ll teach you how to take care of it.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Tank Replacement

Replacing your hot water system with a continuous flow system can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with water heater installation. You need the installation services of a reputable specialist.

At Hot Water Systems Sydney we have those specialists ready for continuous flow hot water replacement. We provide extensive continuous flow hot water systems supply and replacement services, as well as annual maintenance services for down the road. Contact us today for an initial consultation and free, no-obligation quote.

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