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solar hot water repair

Solar hot water system repairs can be expensive when you use the wrong plumber or electrician to do the job. Solar hot water systems typically consist of solar collector panels and a storage tank. The most significant difference between a solar water heater and a gas or electric system is that a solar unit uses the sun’s radiation energy to heat water. Since a solar water heater’s source of energy is free and limitless, it is by far the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient type of water heater.

To ensure that your solar water heater remains energy efficient and effective in heating water for household use, it’s a good idea to perform periodic inspections and maintenance to prevent scaling, defects, corrosion, and freezing.

Solar units are also not immune to common water heater problems. If you live in Sydney, the good news is that Hot Water Systems Sydney is standing by to help you with all your solar hot water repairs and services.

Solar Hot Water Service

Although you may be able to carry out inspections and some maintenance tasks on your own, you will need a professional team that specialises in solar water heater maintenance for many others. Solar hot water systems have more components than conventional hot water systems, which means more that can go wrong.

When Hot Water Systems Sydney services a solar hot water system, we inspect the storage tank with all its pipes, fittings, connections, valves, pumps, and controls to ascertain that there are no problems or potential issues.

We also inspect the solar collector thoroughly to ensure that the glass or plastic covers don’t have cracks or corrosion. We clean the plate entirely and make sure that there are no trees or walls that casting shade over the solar collectors.

Common Solar Hot Water Heater Repairs

Even if you have a high-quality solar water heater, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed not to run into any of the typical solar water heater problems. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the most common solar hot water heater repairs.

Not Enough Hot Water

If you have an insufficient supply of hot water from your solar hot water system, it can be due to many reasons, including:

– Insufficient panel size
– A stuck check valve
– Shade from clouds or trees
– Low system pressure

Freezing Damage

Freeze damage is a difficult problem to prevent because it can happen even if the collector valve is drained. If you have issues with freeze damage, you have to get a professional on board to replace or upgrade the relevant components.

If your solar hot water system is not working, contact Hot Water Systems Sydney immediately, especially if you can’t find the cause of the problem. Our team of solar hot water system specialists will provide you with a high-quality, same-day repair service.

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