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instant hot water installation

Instant hot water system installations are often called continuous flow or instantaneous hot water systems because they heat water as it flows through the unit. Since these systems don’t heat additional water to be stored in a tank, they are significantly more efficient.

There are many benefits to installing an instant hot water heater, but which unit should you choose, and how do you go about installing it?

If you live in Sydney, you have access to a highly skilled team that specialises in instant hot water installations—Hot Water Systems Sydney. We offer a comprehensive instant hot water installation service.

Instant Hot Water Unit Installation

Before discussing the installation of instant hot water systems, it may be worth considering if an instant water heating system is suitable for you and your household. The benefits of installing an instant hot water system include:

– Access to an endless supply of hot water
– Incredible energy efficiency and low operating costs
– A unit lifespan of around 20 years
– Modern units have designs that inhibit bacteria growth
– Low CO2 emissions
– Compact designs with contemporary appearances.

If you decide to install an instantaneous hot water system, the next step is to determine the size you need. Although we can help to calculate the size you need accurately, there is a general rule that a two-bathroom property needs a flow rate of around 24 litres per minute.

Since Hot Water Systems Sydney is an accredited supplier of reputable brands, we can provide you with a unit that produces enough hot water for your household at an affordable price.

Our clients’ specific needs and lifestyle forms the basis of our instant hot water unit installation services. We take everything into account, from the number of people in your home to the length of pipe between the tap and the instant hot water system.

More importantly, we take safety and all relevant safety requirements and regulations seriously. Upon completion of the system installation, you can rest assured that you and your family can use it without worrying about hazards such as gas leaks.

After completion of the instant hot water tank installation, we will also advise you on aspects relating to energy efficiency and sufficient water flow to trigger water heating.

Instant Hot Water Tank Replacement

If your existing water heating unit does not perform in an adequate or energy efficient manner, it may be time for an instant hot water tank replacement, especially if it is a conventional unit that is older than eight years.

Our instant hot water tank replacement services are aimed at lowering your utility costs and increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Hot Water Systems Sydney specialises in high-end instant water heating installation solutions to ensure optimal performance and maximum energy efficiency. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and initial consultation.

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