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continuous flow hot water repair

If you want more efficiency and lower running costs a continuous flow hot water heating system is the way to go. This is because a continuous flow system instantaneously supplies hot water on demand. We have the right plumbers on hand to look after all continuous hot water repairs.

Suppliers often label continuous flow hot water repairs as cheap or as zero- or low-maintenance, which is not entirely accurate. You have to service your continuous water heating system to prevent the need for expensive repairs.

Many people find continuous flow hot water system repairs and servicing confusing since they don’t know which tasks they should carry out themselves, how to find out if something is wrong, or how often they should serve their units.

If you live in Sydney, Hot Water Systems Sydney can offer you high-quality continuous flow hot water system repair and maintenance services.

Below you’ll find a little more about servicing and maintenance of a continuous hot water heater.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Service

If well cared for a continuous flow hot water system, can have a lifespan of around 20 years, which is significantly more than the life expectancy of conventional units.

To ensure you get maximum use out of your system, we recommend you service your continuous flow hot water system at least once a year. If your hot water system is set at higher temperatures, there is a higher risk of sediment build-up, and you should consider servicing your hot water system twice per year.

If you have a continuous flow hot water system installed and you turn on the hot water tap, water will flow from the cold-water input line through the water heater and out the faucet warm. A continuous flow water heater has a heating element that is also called a heat exchanger.

A heat exchanger can be powered by either gas or electricity depending on the model you have. If you live in an area that is rich in minerals, the heat exchanger can be susceptible to sediment build-up which can, in turn, lower the energy efficiency of your unit and increase the heater’s running costs.

Our maintenance services consist of inspection for defects, a thorough cleaning, and descaling of the heat exchanger to ensure that it performs optimally. In addition, we also replace faulty or low-performing components.

Common Continuous Flow Hot Water Heater Repairs

At Hot Water Systems Sydney, we encounter a wide range of common continuous flow hot water problems, especially in units that haven’t been serviced at regular intervals. The most common issues with continuous flow systems include:

– Sediment build-up in the heat exchanger
– System overload from overuse
– “Air Supply” message if your system has issues with combustion air or venting
– “No Ignition” message if you have problems with gas supply

By taking good care of your continuous flow hot water system, you’ll be able to optimise the benefit you derive from your unit. If you are unsure of how you should go about maintaining your continuous flow hot water system, Hot Water Systems Sydney can help.

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