AquaMAX Hot Water Systems

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AquaMax is a reputable hot water brand that manufactures efficient and high-quality water heaters. Hot Water Systems Sydney is a proud supplier of AquaMax products and AquaMax system repair and installation services.

If the time has come for you to upgrade your hot water system, then keep reading to learn more about AquaMax hot water heaters in Sydney.

AquaMax Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems Sydney supplies AquaMax hot water systems at competitive prices. AquaMax has a wide range of water heating products, including:

– AquaMax gas hot water systems
– AquaMax electric hot water systems
– AquaMax stainless steel water heaters

AquaMax Gas Hot Water Systems

If energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint are essential to you, AquaMax’s gas water heating systems may be just what you need. Although the initial costs of these units may be a bit steeper than their electric counterparts, you will save in the long-run, since these gas units have incredibly low running costs.

In addition to high energy efficiency and low operating costs, AquaMax’s gas water heaters also have low maintenance requirements.

AquaMax Electric Hot Water Systems

AquaMax’s high-quality electric water heaters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, and they can deliver reliable hot water to multiple taps at the same time without compromising water pressure.

These electric water heaters are not only easy to maintain, but the cost of installation is lower than any other unit from this brand.

AquaMax Stainless Steel Water Systems

AquaMax’s stainless steel water heaters feature a superior design and high-quality stainless-steel cylinder that can withstand corrosion. The stainless-steel water heating system can work with electricity and gas, and it offers many benefits, including:

– No sacrificial anode that can decay and cause an accumulation of bacteria
– A longer lifespan of ten years or more
– Lightweight, making transport and installation much more manageable
– An energy efficiency that exceeds the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard by up to 27%

AquaMax Hot Water Service and Repair Solutions

As part of our comprehensive hot water system product and service delivery, we provide property owners in Sydney with top-quality hot water system maintenance and repair services.

To derive the maximum value from your hot water system, you have to service your water heater at least once per year to:

– Remove sediment build-up
– Prevent corrosion
– Detect potential defects
– Ensure optimal energy efficiency
– Make sure that the pilot light or heating element is in a working condition

Failure to service your water heating service can increase your risk of finding that you suddenly don’t have hot water. Preventable faults can also result in unnecessary costs.

AquaMax Hot Water System Repairs

AquaMax Hot Water Unit Installation Services

Hot Water Systems Sydney also install all AquaMax water heaters in Sydney homes. Our qualified and experienced team goes to great lengths to ensure that we carry out superb water heater installation services.

If you want to install a new water heating system or upgrade your existing one, contact Hot Water Systems Sydney for a free, no-obligation quote today.

AquaMax Hot Water System Installation