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Having a gas hot water system in your home can be incredibly beneficial, but you need an expert plumber to look after any gas hot water repairs. Gas units deliver continuous hot water, can produce up to 33 percent less greenhouse gas emissions, and are usually more affordable than electric or solar water heating systems.

When you have a problem with your gas water heater, however, there are unpleasant consequences. You don’t have hot water for baths, showers, and cleaning, you may encounter gas-related hazards, and defects like leaks can damage your home.

Gas hot water heater repairs can also be inconvenient, especially if you run into issues when you are about to leave for work or holiday. You may also dread the high costs typically associated with hot water system repairs.

If you live in Sydney, the good news is that you can leave a water heater that is not working in the capable hands of Hot Water Systems Sydney. We specialise in servicing and repairing gas hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water Service

Prevention is the best defense, especially when it comes to gas hot water systems.

To ensure proper operation and to prevent defects, its best to service your gas hot water system on a regular basis. Maintaining your gas unit at least once every three years will ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your system and that you never find yourself without a steady supply of hot water.

Hot Water Systems Sydney maintains continuous flow hot water systems by attaching specialised testing equipment to your system to detect any defects. We then conduct a thorough inspection by going through a detailed checklist to ensure that your gas water heater will remain in a working condition for at least the next three years.

Common Gas Hot Water Heater Repairs

Many things can go wrong with gas water heaters. The most common problems that we see at Hot Water Systems Sydney are listed below:

No Hot Water

If you turn on the tap and no hot water comes out, you may be dealing with a faulty gas pilot, thermocouple, or control valve. Hot Water Systems Sydney typically repair these problems by either retightening the thermocouple or replacing the pilot light.

Discoloured Water

Hot water that has a rusty colour is usually the result of corrosion inside the tank. Rust-coloured water is a common problem that you can prevent completely by servicing your gas hot water system on a regular basis.

Water Odour

If the anode rod starts decaying, bacteria may begin to build up inside the tank. The result is typically an unpleasant smell when you turn on the tap. Hot Water Systems Sydney can get rid of the odour by flushing your tank with a peroxide solution and replacing the anode rod.

Water Leak

A gas leaking hot water system can be hazardous and carry a risk of damage to your property. Leaks are typically the result of a faulty temperature or pressure relief valve. Corrosion can also cause leaks.

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Problems with your gas hot water system can be unsafe and inconvenient. Prevent defects by asking Hot Water Systems Sydney to services your gas hot water system today. We are also on 24/7 standby to provide you with gas hot water system repair solutions.

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