Solar Hot Water Systems

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Solar water heaters are one of the most cost-effective ways to heat water for use in your home. You can use them effectively in any climate and their primary source of energy, the sun’s radiation energy, is entirely free.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

A solar water heating system consists of two main components: a storage tank and a solar collector. Solar water heating systems can be divided into two categories:

– Active solar water heating systems, which have circulating pumps and controls

– Passive solar water heating systems that don’t have circulation pumps and controls

Active Solar Water Heaters

There are two to types of solar water heating systems:

– Direct circulation systems are suitable for warm climates where frost is not a problem. The pumps circulate water through the collectors and make it available for use inside the home.

– Indirect circulation systems are preferable in freezing temperatures. These systems pump heat-transfer fluid through the collectors and a heat exchanger to keep the water at the desired temperature.

Passive Solar Water Heaters

Many people prefer passive solar heaters as they are more affordable, reliable and longer-lasting than active systems. Passive systems are, however, not as efficient as active systems. There are two types of passive solar systems:

– Integral collector-storage passive systems that work best in hotter climates that don’t experience temperatures below freezing.

– Thermosyphon systems are generally more expensive than integral collector-storage systems that involve the upward movement of warm water into the storage tank.

Backup Boosters

Almost all solar water heating models have a backup booster that is powered by gas or electricity to keep water at the optimal temperature on overcast days or times when there is an increase in demand for hot water.

Although there are operating costs involved during these times, solar water heating systems are still much more affordable in the long run than conventional electric or gas water heaters.

Selecting the Most Suitable Solar Water Heater

To find a solar water heating system that is suitable for everyday use and that meets your household’s daily demand for hot water, you have to consider the following:

– The number of people that live in your home
– The amount of hot water your household needs during peak times
– Local codes and regulations
– Access to radiation energy. Trees and buildings that cast a shadow that prevents solar collection

Installation and Maintenance

To ensure proper installation of your solar water heater, contact your local solar water heating systems contractor. Hot Water Systems Sydney offers high-end solar water systems installation, maintenance and repair services.

Solar water heating systems have to be maintained at least once every three years. A solar heater’s maintenance is, on average, much less than electric or gas water heaters. That said, ignoring warning signs can have costly results.

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