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An instant hot water system is a continuous flow hot water system or tankless water heater. An instant hot water system is incredible energy efficiency since it only heats as much water as you need. The best way to insure your unit is up and running if there is a problem is to use our plumbers, the experts in instant hot water system repairs.

To derive the maximum benefit from instant water heating systems, you have to service them periodically. Sufficient maintenance procedure will prolong the lifespan of your unit and prevent costly defects.

So, how should you go about servicing and repairing your instantaneous water heating unit? What about the cost and inconvenience that comes with cleaning your unit and replacing consumable components?

Hot Water Systems Sydney offers high-quality instant hot water systems repair and service solutions to property owners Sydney.

Instant Hot Water Service

Instant hot water systems can last up to 20 years without repairs, if they receive proper annual maintenance. If your hot water system is set to a high temperature, you may need to your unit biannually as you have a more significant risk for scale build-up.

An instant water system heats water directly as it flows through the unit from the cold-water line using a heating element called a heat exchanger that is powered by either gas or electricity.

In many cases, instant water heating systems are incorrectly marked as low-maintenance products. This is, however, not the case at all.

One of the biggest reasons your instant water heater needs maintenance is to prevent sediment build-up in the heat exchanger, especially if you live in an area where the water is rich in minerals. The result of mineral accumulation in the heat exchanger is lower energy efficiency and higher operating costs.

When we conduct an instant water heating system service, we attach specialised equipment to the unit to ascertain if there are any issues or potential defects. We then proceed to clean the unit and descale the heat exchanger to get rid of mineral build-up. If necessary, we will also replace faulty components.

Common Instant Hot Water Heater Repairs

In the case of insufficient regular maintenance and routine repairs, you can expect to see some common instant hot water problems. They include, among others:

– Sediment build-up in the heat exchanger
– System overload if too many people need hot water
– “Air Supply” message if your system has issues with combustion air or venting
– “No Ignition” message if you have problems with gas supply

The repairs to remedy these and other issues come down to routine servicing and checking things like connections, valves, and gas supply. Although you may be able to take care of some of these issues yourself, calling a professional for an extensive repair job is often the best course of action.

Hot Water Systems Sydney specialises in instantaneous hot water repairs in Sydney. If you want to discuss setting up a servicing schedule, feel free to contact us for a consultation and a free, no-obligation quote.

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