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Hot Water Systems Sydney offers extensive hot water repairs and service solutions to property owners in Sydney. Keep reading to learn more about our repair services and how they can benefit you.

Hot Water System Repairs

All hot water systems are susceptible to defects, regardless of their quality. Hot water systems repairs are more likely to need a fix if they are not properly maintained, if they are old or if they are not correctly installed.

Hot Water Systems Sydney is a team of certified water heating specialists who offers same-day repair services. Our repair services include general maintenance, remedying defects, replacing faulty components and checking for issues or potential damage.

We repair all types of heating systems, including electric, solar, gas and heat pump water heaters. Our repair services also include working with storage tank heating systems as well as continuous flow water systems.

Hot Water Systems Sydney is certified to work with all reputable brands in Australia as well as models that are no longer available on the market.


Leaking Hot Water Systems

A leaking hot water system can be the result of many different problems. Many owners who don’t know hot water systems may jump to the conclusion that they have to replace their hot water system, but that is not always necessary. It is, however, necessary to take immediate action when you notice that your hot water system is leaking to prevent damage to the system and water damage to your property. Here are some of the most common reasons for leaking hot water systems:
  • Leaking water supply lines
  • Temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve leaking
  • Drain line leaking
  • Leak in the tank due to ruptures
A leak in the water supply line is not severe, and you will likely be able to conduct the repair job yourself. A flooding leak in your tank is serious, and you may have to replace your entire water heating system. Regular hot water services can eliminate the risk of leaking hot water systems. Contact Hot Water Systems Sydney for leak repairs.

Other Emergency Hot Water Service

Hot water heater problems can be inconvenient. Hot Water Systems Sydney goes to great lengths to ensure that we deliver repair services in a timely and reliable manner. Our common hot water plumbing repairs include the following.

Heating Element and Pilot Light

If open the hot water tap and the water that comes out is cold it may be because of a faulty heating element or pilot light, depending on whether you have a gas or electric unit. A typical repair solution is to inspect the heating element or pilot light and to repair or replace it.

Tank Flushing and Anode Rod Replacement

Bacteria or sediment accumulation can lower water pressure and give your water an unpleasant smell. The build-up of minerals at the bottom of your tank can also compromise energy efficiency. A standard solution is to flush the tank with a peroxide solution.

Component Replacement

As part of our repair services, Hot Water Systems Sydney supply and install consumable and faulty components to ensure that your hot water system is in an excellent working condition.

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How Water Systems Sydney are the experts in everything hot water related. We not only sell hot water units, but we also install, replace, repair, and service hot water systems from leading brands such as Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, Vulcan, and Aquamax.