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dux hot water system repair

If you Dux hot water system needs a repair or routine service, you need the help of a team of experts who can detect and diagnose problems and provide you with a solution that fits your budget. We are specialists in Dux hot water repairs and are available for all emergency needs.

Hot Water Systems Sydney’s team of hot water specialists knows Dux hot water systems inside and out. If your Dux hot water system is not working, keep reading to learn more about our Dux hot water repairs in Sydney.

Dux Hot Water Service

To ensure that your Dux hot water system is always in an excellent working condition, you may have to call in the experts for a routine repair or service on a regular basis.

Having hot water for your household is more important than you may realise. You and your family use water for hygiene purposes and to clean your house, dishes and laundry. If you suddenly have no hot water, it can be incredibly inconvenient and frustrating.

If you live in Sydney, however, Hot Water Systems Sydney will be able to help you with your problem. Our repair and hot water system services are:

– Affordable
– Useful in solving problems permanently
– Centred around your specific needs,
– Immediately available to you to ensure that you won’t have to go another day without hot water

We will come fully prepared with specialised equipment and expertise to diagnose and repair any problem that you may have.

Common Dux Hot Water Heater Repairs

No Hot Water

If you turn on your hot water tap and no hot water comes out, you may be dealing with a faulty pilot light or heating element, depending on whether you have a system that works with electricity or gas. To deal with this problem effectively, contact Hot Water Systems Sydney to pinpoint the exact problem and recommend a suitable course of action.

Too Little Warm Water

A lack of warm water can be the results of many different problems, including an incorrect thermostat setting, faulty connections, mineral build-up in the bottom of the storage tank or a broken dip tube.

The chances are that you will be able to deal with problems such an incorrect thermostat setting yourself, but for more severe issues, contact Hot Water Systems Sydney.

Noisy Water Tank

If there is a sediment build-up in the storage tank or heating element that is in the process of burning out, your water tank may start making a rumbling sound. Hot Water Systems Sydney’s routine maintenance service can help to prevent these problems.

Smelly Water

If the anode rod starts decaying or when there is an accumulation of bacteria inside the tank, the water that comes out the hot water tap may have an unpleasant odour. Hot water Systems Sydney can deal with this problem by replacing the anode rod or flushing the tank with a peroxide solution.

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