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rinnai hot water system repair

Rinnai hot water repairs can happen, but if you service your unit regularly then you are usually okay. When it comes to energy efficiency, water conservation, and durability, you won’t find a better hot water system than the ones that Rinnai has to offer in Australia. This brand’s Infinity range of continuous flow gas hot water systems is especially popular among homeowners in Sydney as they are reliable and space saving.

If your Rinnai hot water system is not working, however, you need the repair services of a trusted and accredited hot water company. Hot Water Systems Sydney specialises in Rinnai hot water repairs in Sydney with extensive repair solutions to ensure that your household doesn’t go another day without hot water.

Rinnai Hot Water Service

Many homeowners don’t realise how dependent they are on their hot water system – until the day something goes wrong. Hot Water Systems Sydney offers quality repair and service solutions to prevent and rectify water heater defects.

Water heater service and maintenance offers several benefits:

– Regular servicing ensures optimal safety, especially regarding the inspection of components such as the relief valve, which prevents scalding.

– Routine maintenance prevents calcium and sediment build-up and ensures better energy efficiency. When minerals settle in the bottom of your heater, the system has to work harder to heat water. If your hot water system is energy efficient, it means that the running cost of the unit is low.

– Using our maintenance services will also ensure the prolonged lifespan of your Rinnai hot water system.

Lacking routine servicing and repair jobs can result in the need for more severe repairs. Let’s take a look at some of the more common Rinnai hot water problems and their solutions.

Common Rinnai Hot Water Heater Repairs

As hot water system specialists with extensive experience, Hot Water Systems Sydney deals with the following issues on a daily basis:

No Hot Water

Water that remains cold is most often due to a pilot light that has blown out in the case of a gas unit or a defective heating element if you have an electrical unit. If you turn on your hot water faucets and don’t get any hot water, contact Hot Water Systems Sydney, we’ll come diagnose the problem and get things back up and running.

Not Enough Hot Water

If your hot water system produces too little hot water, it can be, amongst other things, because of an incorrect thermostat setting, a broken dip tube, or sediment build-up in the water tank. If your thermostat setting is correct, you may need a professional on board to help you troubleshoot.

Tank Leakage

If you notice that your water tank is leaking, it may be necessary to replace the tank or conduct an extensive repair job. Leakages can also cause water damage to the interior of your house. Contact Hot Water Systems Sydney immediately if you have a leaking Rinnai hot water system.

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With the right repairs and services, your Rinnai hot water system can provide your household with hot water for many years. For Rinnai repairs in Sydney, contact Hot Water Systems Sydney today.

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