Bosch 32 NG Commercial Condensing Unit


Product Description

High efficiency condensing technology.

Heavy duty, high output continuous flow systems for individual or multi-unit applications.

Suitable for 3+ bathroom homes.


Product Details

Bosch 32 Condensing: 32C
Part Number NG: BC3200RANG

Technical Features

Installation: Internal with flueing or External with vent cap
Ignition: Electronic
L/min (25°C rise in temperature): 32
L/min (20°C rise in temperature): 38
Minimum Inlet Water Pressure: 200 kPa
Minimum Pressure for Maximum Flow: 200 kPa
Mj/h: 217
Star Rating: 6
Antifrost: Standard
Electrical Supply: 230 – 240 VAC 50 Hz (10amp weatherproof powerpoint required within 500mm of the unit)
Temperature Controller: Compatible with RCM3211 and RCS3211 (Maximum of 3)


Height: 615 mm
Width: 464 mm
Depth: 240 mm
Weight: 33 kg

Pipe Connection Sizes

Natural Gas: 3/4″
Cold Water: 3/4″
Hot Water: 3/4″
Condensate Drain: 1/2″