VULCAN 661250G7 250 LITRE 3.6KW

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Product Description

Four good reasons why Vulcan 661250G7 is such a popular choice for a reliable electric water heater.
  1. 10 Year Tank Warranty – More thank any other manufacturer in its class
    a. Made in Rydlemere NSW
    b. Uses Australian labour and materials
  2. Vulcan is built with the best quality materials and proven technology make Vulcan electric water heater a great choice.
  3. Vulcan is tough.
    The Vulcan electric water heater is made in Australia from high strength steel. The Vulcan water heaters  tough enough to withstand varying water and heating cycle pressures.
  4. Vulcan has backup.
    If you need a spare part for your Vulcan, it’s good to know they are readily available across the country. A Vulcan electric hot water system and can be serviced by most plumbers or electricians.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Rheem
Model No.: 661250G7
Energy Source: Electric
Location: Indoor/Outdoor
No. of People Off Peak: 43103
No. of People Continuous: 43135
No. of Elements: 1
Element Capacity(kW): 3.6
Hot Water Delivery(Litres): 250 Litres
Boost Capacity:
Relief Valve Setting(kPa): 1000
Expansion Control Valve (ECV)(kPa): 850
Maximum Water Pressure:
with ECV(kPa): 680
without ECV(kPa): 800
Water Connections: RP 3/4 /20
Approximate Weight(kg): 70
Tank Warranty(Years): 10
Weight: 70 kg
Dimensions: 64.0 x 67.5 x 139.5 cm
Size by Litres: 250 Litre
Size by Kilowatts: 3.6kw
Manufacturers Warranty: 10 Year
Energy Source: Electric
ECV Setting: 850kPa
TPR Setting: 1000kPa
No. of People Continuous Tariff: 3-5
No. of People Off Peak Tariff: 1-3