Electric Hot Water Systems

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Electric hot water systems use electricity to power one or two heating elements which, in turn, heat the water in the tank. There are two types of electric hot water systems:

– Tank Storage Electric Systems that heats and store water in an insulated water tank until use. The most common electric storage water heaters are mains pressure systems that deliver hot water at the same amount and pressure as cold water, which allows you to open hold and cold taps simultaneously.

– Continuous Flow (Instantaneous) electric water heating systems that heat water as it flows through the heater. Instant electrical hot water systems are widely regarded to be more energy efficient than storage tank electric heaters.

Electric Hot Water Units

Electric hot water heaters require larger storage tanks than gas water systems to deliver the same amount of hot water. Electric water heaters offer many advantages, including:

– Low initial and installation costs
– High indoor air quality
– A simple installation process
– Reliability and a long lifespan
– High-end safety features
– A consistent supply of hot water

On the downside, an electric system is not as energy efficient as gas, solar or heat pump water heaters. So, although will save money with the purchase and installation of an electric unit, you may incur high operating costs.

If you are set on an electric hot water system, consider a continuous flow system. Storage tanks tend to lose heat, which means they use energy even you are not using hot wat water. Before buying an electric unit, you should also make sure that the unit has a high energy star rating.

An additional drawback of an electric system is that you depend on the grid for hot water. Electric water heaters are not entirely suitable for off-grid applications or during power outages.

Is an Electric Hot Water System for You?

Although electric hot water systems are not suitable for every property owner, they can be a viable choice for you, if:

– You are not connected to a gas network
– You have a tight budget for initial costs and installation fees
– Safety regulations limit you
– You require a reliable source of hot water
– You can install an outdoor water heating system

Conventional electric water heating units have been around for many years. An electric water heater’s components are generally affordable and readily available. Electric water heaters are also easy to repair with standardised equipment.

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Electric hot water systems are generally reliable, affordable to install and durable. You can install them indoors or outdoors, and they are easy to maintain.

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